Making Money The Tech Savvy Way

Are You Tech Savvy?

In this day and age technology is everything. People that excel at the use of technology will see their wealth increase dramatically. People who fail to embrace these emerging trends will fall behind and eventually end up poor and bankrupt. The reasoning behind this is robotics will soon replace the average worker in America. In fact, studies show that by 2050 more than half of the workforce will be replaced by robotics. In response to the demand for increased minimum wage, McDonalds and other big corporations have began searching for ways to replace their employees with robots.

In early test cases they are having major success at replacing a large portion of their staff and only keeping one human employee around to monitor the machines. The service sector is just one major industry that will be effected by the coming robot revolution. For at least a decade, manufacturing has been dominated by robot workers and soon the robots will be able to repair themselves displacing the need for humans at all. Robots workers have a higher upfront cost, but have a much lower operating expenses meaning that massive amounts of profit can be made on the backend. Plus, robots do not take breaks, cause trouble, or need time off. In fact, robots can work 24 hours a day with only short breaks for maintenance for an hour a week.

Can you imagine how much productivity could increase if you could work 24 hours a day? A recent study I read estimated that dozens of different industries will be effected by these sweeping changes including accounting, financial services, technology development, real estate agents, appraisal, car salesman and many more. In fact, there are even fewer industries that won’t be affected by the sweeping changes about to take place. The only chance for the average person to have job security moving forward is to become technologically proficient. People like Rob Towles have done just that with Smashfund social crowdfunding.

The main problem being that colleges no longer teach students relevant information, instead are teaching dated and ancient information. The average college student that graduates from a four year college will end up with a large amount of debt and little if any specialized skills. The traditional wisdom is to go to school and get a good degree, but what if those degrees no longer get you a good job? If you want to make money in the future and insist on going to college them pick something very specialized. The days of getting a general degree and then going out and getting a high paying job are over. It’s now impossible to get any kind of high paying job with a general degree. Many people make this mistake and they end up stuck with a giant debt load they can never pay off.

The majority of companies are now smart enough to outsource low skilled jobs to foreign workers, therefore if you don’t have a very high skill level your out of luck. Recent studies have shown that engineering is a good place to specialize in because there is a big lack of people graduating with this degree. In conclusion, if your looking to make a lot of money in the future then its critical that you embrace the technological age today. There are a lot of great opportunities out there, much like the one I just came across while reading a SmashFund review. You can take an idea and fund it or share that with others and make money but adding people to your network. This is just one of many tech ideas and ways you can make money online these days. I would spend time researching online and you are sure to turn up with some great ideas. Anything is possible in todays world!