Life As A Personal Coach

Personal Coaching Career

Probably not the first kind of job a lot of people consider, but a profitable one at that if you are good.

Now you may be thinking that becoming a great personal coach would be a lot of schooling and hard work to learn. You could be correct, or you could already be a specialist at something that someone else is not and teach about that. If this is the case, then all you really need to do is to hone your speaking and people skills. We all typically know a skill or a trade better than you may think. It doesn’t matter if it is knitting or building a house. People across the internet are making thousands of dollars a month just teach other people what they know or have learned over their lifetime. Somewhere, someone is looking for what you have to share. You don’t have to be a Tony Robbins to make a lot of money being a personal coach.

I can hear some people still grumbling and worried that they don’t have the skills. Here is a better way to look at it. Are you a parent? Well guess what, you are a personal life coach to your children.

Now I like to bring this personal coaching up because it can set you up for life financially. I have personally taken personal coaching from Bob Proctor who has many successful programs such as Six Minutes To Success and Magic In Your Mind. Bob travels the world and teaches what he loves. The added benefit to being a personal coach is that you are helping others. You are not just growing personally, but also growing those around you. It is a real win win.

There are many pros and cons about being a personal coach in the digital age. A personal coach is a rewarding career that could possibly give you the opportunity to travel the world and meet a lot of people. The other benefit of being a personal development or self-improvement coach is that you basically get to do what you love all day. Most people don’t like public speaking, but if your speaking about a subject that you have passion for then public speaking because very easy. Plus, if you are living a life constantly showing others how to be successful, inevitably you will become successful yourself.

The old saying “practice what you preach” comes to mind when I think of this type of career. In fact, the law of attraction states that you will attract into your life the exact things you think about. For example, if you are giving speeches all day about how to succeed in business then the chances are you will be more successful because you are thinking about this all day. Furthermore, if you are really into health and you are traveling around the world speaking on health related topics, then chances are you will be a healthy person. For one, you won’t get very far teaching health concepts if you don’t follow your own advice. In other words, the peer pressure of the audience and your students will usually force you to live a better life. That’s a big thing to consider when you are picking your profession. In the past I was involved in food service of very unhealthy foods. Even though I myself tended to eat healthy most of the time, just being around unhealthy foods all day meant I would slip up occasionally and indulge on something less than good for me. In conclusion, when picking your ideal career, find something that will make you money but also will help everyone.