Make Money Without Manual Labor

In the early 1900’s manual labor was the primary way for men to make money. A few jobs did exist outside the manual labor realm such as banking or insurance agent, but the majority of men had to get physical and in some cases dirty to make a living. In the early years, jobs consisted of hunting, logging, mining, and eventually things like factory work. In fact, early settlers to the United States, especially the Pacific Northwest, almost exclusively made their living off the land. In those days, you could be miles from the nearest grocery store so the food you ate had to come from the land. This required a whole new skill set that the majority of humans no longer possess today. Women played a much different role than they do today and were primarily housekeepers and childbirth. Lore has it that the oldest profession on earth was prostitution, and I don’t doubt that was the case. For men though, the act of making money usually involved heavy labor for 10+ hours per day. Most of these careers were very dangerous and in those days hospital and medical care was virtually non-existent.

The 20th century ushered in a brand new set of skills required to make a living. Instead of working hard all day with your hands, a man could specialize in a skill or trade and make a living with his brain such as an SEO professional. As the world gets more complex, specialized skill sets are the way to go. The internet has made the world much smaller, and through that process, different niches and hobbies have emerged. In the frontier era, you might live in a city of only 200 hundred people and small individual niches just didn’t exist. These specific skill sets began to come into play as the world became bigger and more connected. Fast forward 100 years and we have entered the information age. In seconds, you can connect your telephone to people on the other side of the world and have a conversation in beautiful picture and color. In fact, today one could make a living by simply setting up a specialized website for a product or service that is in high demand. These demand doesn’t need to be in your local area, and instead, could be from anywhere in the world. Products can be shipped physically, or digital products can be delivered through downloads or email. If you think about it, the possibilities for making income in the digital age are unlimited. The ability to reach people all around the world means that the only limit to your potential is your imagination.

Man should never be without physical exercise and if you are not doing manual labor for a job, then you should be working out. The problem with desk jobs is that most people spend all days indoor with little physical activity. Plus, in the last 50 years or so the average American diet has gotten worse and worse. The moral of the story is physical labor played it’s part in helping create the wonderful country we have. As technology evolves, the need for manual labor will continue to diminish. It’s important that men take this into consideration and balance their work life with the outdoor and physical activity we all need to stay healthy.

Passive Income Job Opportunities For Men

Passive Income For Men

There are a lot of ways to make a living nowadays, but most of which require you to work. This means you must be in a certain place at a certain time to punch a clock. Some industries prefer to pay on a contract basis for skilled labor. In a lot of ways, this is superior because you can control the amount of income you produce.

If you are an hourly working you are most likely earning a fixed wage regardless on the amount of work you put in each day. On the other hand, if you are a commission-based worker then your compensation is based upon the amount of sales you make or deals you close. Some industries prefer to pay people on a salary basis because they can work them extra hours and avoid paying overtime rates. Each type of compensation has its unique characteristics, but they all have one thing in common, you have to actually work to earn money. Now, what if I told you that you could make a living without actually doing work each day. Sure, there would be upfront work require, but once that work was completed, the money would simply flow in.

In the investing world, this would be called passive income. Income that is truly passive, involves no work whatsoever and the money continues to flow. Furthermore, there are varying degrees of passive income throughout the sliding scale. The key element to remember though is the wage earner is at the absolute wrong side of the equation. The wage owner is in an agreement where he trades his time and energy in order to earn a specific rate of pay, usually per hour. In this paradigm the wage slave is stuck in compensation scale that’s fixed and completely stacked against them. Over many years of effort a wage earner could potential increasing his income somewhat, but when was the last time you saw a wage owner driving a Lamborghini? The fact of the matter remains that as a wage earner you are on the lowest point on the scale. Your opportunities for upward mobility are very low and even then the mobility is limited to that specific company, region, or skill set. Unless you can demand a very large wage per hour, trading your time and energy for a fixed wage is the worst way to make a living.

As I age I realized that our most valuable asset is time, and time wasted can never be replaced. By focusing on creating passive income streams you can buy yourself more time and freedom. Plus, your not limited physically to a specific geographic location. Traditionally, real estate investing has been one of the few ways to obtain true passive income. Landowners could simply lease out their property to the highest bidder and receive a nice steady income stream. Commercial real estate rentals do involve a certain amount of work, but if you hired a professional leasing company you could create a nice passive stream of income.

Nowadays, as the economy evolves budding entrepreneurs have turned to the internet to create passive income streams. If your capital reserves are limited, then I believe the internet is the biggest area of opportunity available. The internet is a broad market with many specific niches, so one must carefully examine where you can add value to the world wide web. Once you have identified that area, then develop a way to monetize your website or online store. In conclusion, if you are looking to make more money, focus on passive income streams.


Top 5 Most Dangerous Jobs Men Do

Throughout history man has been forced to do some of the most horrendous jobs on earth. While labor standards and laws of improved in the modern era, men still do some fairly dangerous jobs. In this post I wanted to break down the top 5 most dangerous jobs that men are currently doing and the sacrifices they have made over the years.


Logging is one of the most dangerous professions on earth. On a daily basis loggers risk life and limb to cut trees that the general public uses for home constructions and many other applications. In the last few years we have seen logging equipment improve somewhat, but in most cases a man still has to physically fall the tree. The process of cutting down a tree is a dangerous one even for the most skilled and seasoned logger. They begin by cutting notches in the base of the tree in a sometimes feeble attempt to choose the direction the tree will eventually fall. As the notches are cut on each side, they are constantly monitoring the tree in case it falls prematurely. If the logger performs his job correctly, the tree will fall away from him and he can simply takes a few steps back and watch the show. Loggers start their day usually long before daylight in order to get most of the work done prior to the sun getting too warm. For a profession that doesn’t require a college degree, loggers get paid well, primarily because it’s a very lucrative industry, and the danger they undertake every day at work.

2. Commercial Fisherman

Commercial fisherman have some of the highest fatality rates of any career in the world. We are not talking about the fisherman who goes out on the weekend to catch a fish standing not he river bank. We are referring to commercial fisherman who go out into the ocean during high winds and storms to bring home a large bounty of fish. Aside from the obvious fact that at in time their boat could capsize and kill the entire crew, they also work daily around dangerous cranes, ropes, and nets while out in the ocean. Furthermore, the areas that are hot spots for commercial fishing are places like Oregon, Washington, and Alaska, which have freezing cold ocean temperatures. If a commercial fisherman aboard one of these ships were to be thrown overboard during high winds, rain, storm, and high seas, there’s a very strong possibility they will either freeze to death or drown, and because of these huge risk we consider this to be one of the most dangerous professions.

3. Airplane Pilots

As technology increases, airplanes have become safer and aviation deaths have statistically decreased. That still doesn’t take away from the fact that being an airplane pilot is one of the most dangerous professions. Pilots are generally traveling at 5,000 feet or higher and are at the complete mercy of the airplane they control. Nowadays, pilots do less and less and the craft is almost entirely controlled by a computer system, there still is inherent risk in the profession. The other factor to consider is the large amount of time these professionals spend in the air. Statistically, I you take one or two flights per year the chances of an accident are very low. Although, if you take hundreds or even thousands of flights per year like many pilots, the statistics begin to catch up to you. The most dangerous part of the whole process is the taking off and landing the airplane. Everyone who watches TV has seen the videos of planes crashing, and sometimes airports give pilots very little room for error, which make this a very dangerous career.

4. Roofers

Roofers are one of the most dangerous jobs on earth for a plethora of different reasons including the chance of falling, using nail guns, and the fact that they often work during wind and rain storms. All roof pitches are different and one must consider that no two jobs are alike. Roofers show up to do their job and sometimes the roof has a low pitch, but other times the pitch is steep, the roof is wet, and the wind is blowing. During these days roofing accidents skyrocket because the danger level increases dramatically. For a short period of time, I helped a roofing company remove an old roof prepping the house for a new one. This process was dangerous because each time a panel was removed I had to go over to the side of the house and dump the debris off the edge. If the roof was even slightly wet or slippery I can easily envision myself falling off the end. Can you imagine doing a job like this every day for 30 years? I know a lot of roofing contractors and most of them have fell off a roof or off a later at some point in their life and that’s why we are adding roofing as one of the most dangerous professions on earth.
5. Truck Drivers

Like anyone who drives the road knows, truckers are constantly crisscrossing the United States delivering goods around the world. These amazing vehicles can carry store loads of goods from one side the United States to the other at very low costs. The danger being these giant trucks loaded with goods are heavy and it can be very difficult to change directions, or brake quickly. This means that most truckers are at the mercy of the other drivers on the road not just themselves. When you driving a truck that is over 100 feet long it takes a while to slow down to a stop. Now, calculate in the fact they are going over 55 MPH and are usually surrounded by cars attempting to navigate around them. Their ability to recognize dangerous situations early is paramount in keeping them out of accidents. Plus, most truck drivers spend very long hours on the road which can cause them to get tired and lazy. It’s also been found that a very large number of truck drivers use drugs to stay awake and alert which adds to the danger. This long list of factors makes truck driving one of the most dangerous professions on earth and I feel this great group of men and women should be paid far more than they do.

There you have it folks, that’s our list of the top 5 most dangerous jobs men do. If you have a job that you believe should have made the list then please comment in the questions below. If you happen to see someone who performs one of these dangerous professions then make sure you give them a thanks for taking risk so you can live an easier life.

Men In Front Line Combat

Men In The Front Line

Since the beginning of time there has always been a division of labor between men and women. Physically, men are usually stronger and are able to perform manual labor tasks better. On the other hand, women while physically weaker, tend to be more emotionally intelligent. For the most part, men continue to dominate industries like construction, pro athletics, firefighter, police officers, soldiers, landscaping, and other manual labor tasks.

As society has shifted and forced women to take on a more stereotypical men’s role, we have seen the division of labor lines begin to blur. The feminist social justice warriors and other leftist groups have consistently argue that there is no difference physically, or otherwise between men and women. Unfortunately, these people fail to take into account the entire history of the world which proves otherwise. While both men and women are equally, it doesn’t mean they do things equally well.

For example, men are not able to have children because they lack the body parts to perform this process. On the other hand, women have other advantages because of their evolutionary and biological makeup. I find it beyond interesting how a group of people would seek to disregard these obvious genetic differences between men and women. Once such group seeks to allow women into front-line combat roles with men, that they never have been allowed to do. In fact, through most of human history, women and children were left out of warfare because and men were left to settle their difference via violence. In fact, in an all out frenzy to get women into front-line combat roles, groups have petitioned to lower the requirements and other rules to allow this to happen. Even against the advice of generals and high-ranking officials in the military. They claim that the addition of women in front line combat puts them at a tactical disadvantage and could put more troops in harms way.

Think of it this way, from just a hygiene perspective you can begin to see how this could be an issue. Traditionally, men have been able to “rough it” out in the field for longer periods of time for obvious reasons. When you begin to bring women into these types of rolls you can see where the issue of hygiene alone begins to create a problem. The next main issue is the problem of fraternization between the men and the women in the field. If a man is physically attracted to a women, or vice versa, this could create an unnecessary distraction in the field that otherwise would be there. Finally, one must consider the physical limitations women have in regard to strength compared to men.

Part of being a combat solider is carrying a very large amount of gear on your back for missions. This gear includes everything from your food, clothing, medical supplies, tactical items, firearms, ammunition, radio communications, body armor, hygiene products, water, and more. These items, even when condensed, can weigh up to 60-100 pounds. In most cases, women just simply can’t carry this type of weight for long distances. This poses a huge problem for generals, because the basic load out has to be changed.

While I agree women are equal to men, there are definitely differences between the sexes, and one ignores these differences at their own peril.